Its something to be proud of

At The Tillage, we are determined to create a place to live that we are all proud of. We believe that hard work reaps rewards and that quality lasts.

It’s with this in mind that we have designed the tree-lined streets of The Tillage to be wide and welcoming, for the pathways and shared spaces to be easily maintained and the process for buying and building to be a stress-free and authentic experience.


The sprawling streets of The Tillage will be planted with mature trees, meaning shady oaks are a not-so-distant future.

All homes will be a short stroll from the river, with wide pathways for an active lifestyle. To achieve this, all home sites at The Tillage will follow carefully designed building guidelines to ensure every house, is made to look like a home. As we look toward the future, we hope to see homes at The Tillage carry a legacy for generations to come. Isn’t that something to be proud of?

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The Tillage
06 March 2019
To many, a street name is little more than a way to identify your home, making it easier for Australia Post and Uber Eats to get your deliveries to you on time. What you may also know, or come to realise, is they play a big part in your own history. Whether it’s the first street you remember your ho...
The Tillage
03 February 2019
Located in Goulburn - The Tillage is a boutique estate in a town that overflows with Southern Tablelands country charm and character! Living in the Goulburn area encourages balance in all aspects of your lifestyle - not just your property. As it’s only an hour from Canberra and a few more to Sydney,...
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